Climate Change And It’s Impact on The Environment

Climate change has numerous adverse effects on animals, people and natural habitats. Experts say it is already changing many wildlife habitats around the world. In fact, a starving polar bear had strayed hundreds of miles from the Arctic Circle towards a Russian industrial city in search of food.

Installing Solar Panels Increases the Value of a House

People are becoming more aware and are preferring to be energy efficient. According to the ‘Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report’ more than 80% of home buyers prefer energy efficient features in the US.

Even in India with the real estate appreciation rates higher than the USA, there is great potential in investing in solar rooftops for your home.

Increase In Renewable Energy Employment Opportunities

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, the renewable energy industry employed nearly 11 million people globally in 2018.

Asia maintaining a 60% share of renewable jobs globally. While India accounted for 719,000 jobs in 2018 as stated by the ‘Renewable Energy and Jobs- Annual Review 2019’.

Rise of Solar Rooftops In Vijayawada

According to officials, the state of Andhra Pradesh is known to be the first to use solar pumps on a national level in India.

A total number of 231 solar units were installed to generate 2.432 MW of power in the Krishna district.

The city continues to increase its efforts towards implementing solar rooftops and improving its overall sustainability.

The Solar Rooftop Sector In Karimnagar

Currently, Telangana is ranked number two in the solar energy sector exceeding 3000 MW and Karimnagar’s solar energy grid contributes to 1.5MW of that capacity. Karimnagar is swiftly focusing on shifting towards solar energy to reduce their carbon footprint.