Why Use Solar Street Lighting With Li-ion and IOT?

Using solar energy coordinated by IOT devices can be the solution we need.

With the potential of drastic savings in both energy and money, it is the innovative solution most cities in India are slowly aiming to turn towards as well.


Hyderabad’s Solar Rooftop Revolution

Greenpeace India had mentioned that Hyderabad has the potential to play a key role in leading the solar rooftop revolution in India.

The total solar rooftop potential for Hyderabad was said to be 1730 MW. A majority of this share will be from residential only.

Solar Rooftop Projects Report

Solar rooftops is recognised as the fastest growing sub-sector in India. However, if our country’s ambitious target of 175 GW of renewable energy capacity is to be met by 2022, the solar installation process must be accelerated.

Electric Vehicles Are On The Rise

Electric Vehicles are quickly becoming a new trend in India. Top brands like Ola, Mahindra and Bounce are paving the market for the EV sector. Plans for introducing more electric transport systems along with the infrastructure in the years to come are in progress

The article by ‘YourStory’ closely outlines where this market is headed and how these leaders are planning to use electric automobiles to reduce India’s carbon footprint.

Why Use Solar Power And EV Charging Together?

On adopting EV charging, the demand for energy has gone way up.

The EV charging consumable cost with solar energy is noted to be five times lower than compared to the use of fossil fuels.

The USA’s Renewable Energy Market Progression

The USA is known to have a lot of the best renewable energy resources worldwide.

They are an important player in the renewable energy market and continue to keep increasing their efforts in shifting to more sustainable sources of power.